At KHC Wealth Management, we exist to help clients in Making Life Count!® , balancing living well today while planning to achieve their future goals and dreams.  We work with corporate executives, attorneys and their families to:     

  • Clarify goals   
  • Create plans
  • Take action 

As an executive or attorney, you likely have a complex, busy life and a complicated compensation package; with little time to get everything done.  KHC specializes in helping you manage:

  • Concentrated stock positions
  • Equity and bonus based compensation
  • Benefit packages
  • Tax planning
  • Partnership distributions
  • Career advancement and transitions

At KHC, we define “wealth” more broadly than other financial firms. Unless you inherit your money, how you deploy your human capital to earn income is your financial foundation.  We can assist you to manage, grow and protect both your human capital (time, talents, and experience) and financial capital to create wealth.

KHC Wealth Management is a fee-only financial planning firm that offers comprehensive financial planning, investment management, executive and career coaching services.  We have a fiduciary responsibility to always act in our clients’ best interests.

If you want to clarify your goals and build a tangible, actionable plan for reaching your personal and financial dreams, contact us today at 913-345-1881.


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